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Fifty Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama

I recently wrote two columns listing, in two parts, fifty of the most important reasons (there are hundreds, I know) Americans should vote against Barack Obama. This blog post merges the fifty reasons together and adds links to sources in case you want to learn more about them (just click on the number preceding each reason to get to the source). Keep in mind that they are not listed in any particular order, because ranking these reasons would be an impossible task. So, without further ado, here are the fifty reasons to vote against Barack Obama:

50. Obama is the second highest recipient of Fannie Mae contributions in history, despite having been in the senate for months, and expectedly took no steps to prevent the financial crisis Fannie has caused.

49. Obama has developed close and shady personal, financial, and political ties with Tony Rezko, a convicted Chicago criminal.

48. Obama has developed close personal and political ties with terrorist William Ayers, even launching his political career in Ayers's living room, despite Ayers publicly regretting not having bombed America enough while and after these ties were solidifying.

47. Obama for 20 years adopted as his closest spiritual guide Jeremiah Wright, an anti-American racist who actively fuels racial tensions.

46. Obama has said that his church, which disavowed the "Pursuit of ‘Middleclassness,'" was not "particularly controversial."

45. Obama, in March 2008, said he could "no more disown" Wright than he could the "black community" or his "white grandmother."

44. Obama, in April 2008, disowned Wright, apparently making the black community and his white grandmother totally disownable.

43. Obama, in May 2008, dropped his church membership out of political necessity, although the church was the same then that it had been during the years of his membership.

42. Obama has proudly volunteered his view that our troops are "just air raiding villages and killing civilians," while it took nearly a year of brutal torture to force John McCain to say he was an "air pirate."

41. Obama continues to lie about planning to cut taxes for 95% of Americans, an impossibility considering that around 40% of them don't pay any taxes.

40. Obama requested a $1 million earmark for his wife's employer, which had recently nearly tripled his wife's salary.

39. Obama has requested around $750 million in earmarks in his months as a senator.

38. Obama's head mentor, Joe Biden, has repeatedly declared that Obama is unqualified to be president.

37. Obama spends nearly $40,000 a year on his young daughters' tuition at an elite school, yet opposes school choice for Americans who are not as wealthy as he is and are forced to send their children to public schools.

36. Obama, a Chicago-style politician, won his state senate election by default after disqualifying all four of his opponents from the ballot, including the largely favored incumbent.

35. Obama won his senate primary by having his main Democratic opponent collapse under the weight of a domestic scandal.

34. Obama won his senate general election by having his Republican opponent collapse under the weight of his forcefully released divorce records.

33. Obama's background and associations, according to experts, would preclude him from obtaining a security clearance for even a low-level secretarial position in a federal agency.

32. Obama vows to put up numerous regulatory obstacles for nuclear power, effectively taking it off the table.

31. Obama married a woman who by her own account was not proud of her country, and who announced she first became proud of her country within months of possibly becoming First Lady.

30. Obama has admitted that cutting capital gains taxes increases revenue, yet seeks to raise these taxes anyway for fairness reasons.

29. Obama continuously promotes verifiably socialist policies.

28. Obama sincerely believes that small-town Americans are "bitter" people who "cling to guns or religion" "to explain their frustrations."

27. Obama supports aborting babies after they have been born and are fully outside the mother's body.

26. Obama's mentors, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, would promote a left-wing agenda that Republican cannot stop, and Obama certainly would not dare stop.

25. Obama has for years said that he wants to spread the wealth around, and continues to stand by this ideology to this day.

24. Obama lied when he promised to use public financing, which has allowed him to raise a record-breaking amount of campaign funds thanks to major bundlers, which in turn he has used to spend the most money on negative campaign ads in history.

23. Obama opposed drilling until polls forced him to begrudgingly "change" his position on it.

22. Obama opposes necessary free trade agreements, such as the crucial Colombia free trade agreement, and has even threatened existing ones, such as NAFTA, despite the tremendous economic and security benefit free trade has brought and can bring to America and the world.

21. Obama asked Georgia to show restraint when Russia invaded it.

20. Obama believes that it would benefit America to sit down with intractable terrorist leaders without preconditions.

19. Obama has repeatedly injected his race into campaign in an attempt to pin it on his opponent, and has actively stoked racial tensions in the Hispanic community by associating John McCain with invented anti-Hispanic insults.

18. Obama is the desired commander-in-chief by only 23% of the troops, according to a Military Times Poll.

17. Obama is verifiably the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, according to the National Journal.

16. Obama repeatedly refused John McCain's offer to hold ten town hall debates, resorting instead to rehearsed speeches.

15. Obama believes that Iran is a "tiny" country that does not "pose a serious threat to us."

14. Obama's foreign policy coach, Joe Biden, has advocated for the partition of Iraq, an inane proposition strongly opposed by all Iraqi sides and top foreign policy experts.

13. Obama has expressed support for both teams in the World Series, just as he has taken both sides on flag pins, taxes, gun bans, FISA, Iraq, drilling, public financing, etc.

12. Obama had no time to develop any foreign policy experience during the two years he spent in the senate before he began actively campaigning for the presidency.

11. Obama has neither executive nor military experience.

10. Obama has not one single significant accomplishment in his political life by any reasonable measure.

9. Obama's leftist ideology will not rub smoothly against the principles of the conservative leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and other top conservative democratic allies, which might soon include the United Kingdom.

8. Obama's tutor, Joe Biden, has recently expressed his fear that Obama will be tested in the first six months of his presidency with a forced crisis, and that Obama will deal with it in a weak manner.

7. Obama has promised that the first thing he would do if elected is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would abolish nationwide bans on partial-birth abortion and parental notification laws, and force taxpayers to fund abortions.

6. Obama and his wife launched their careers in corporate America, and insist that American corporations continue to employ American workers, yet have at the same time urged Americans: "Don't go into corporate America."

5. Obama and his followers vociferously criticized former McCain adviser Senator Phil Gramm for saying "we have become sort of a nation of whiners," even though Michelle Obama has said that we are a country of "cynics," "sloths," "complacents," and a country that is divided and "just downright mean."

4. Obama explained that he only gave less than one percent of his income to charity when he was making $240,000 because he and Michelle were young parents still paying off student loans, but then turned around and asserted that "once people are making over $200,000 to $250,000 they can afford to pay a little more in payroll tax."

3. Obama released an ad making fun of John McCain for not being able to send an email, which McCain cannot do because his North Vietnamese captors shattered his fingers and both his arms.

2. Obama voted with congressional Democrats 96% of the time.

1. Obama opposed the surge that is winning us the Iraq War, saying it would actually make things worse, making the most important foreign policy judgment in his political life astonishingly off the mark.

Posted on Sat, November 1, 2008 at 08:05PM by Paul Ibrahim in Paul Ibrahim Columns, Barack Obama, Elections | 3 Comments | 1 Reference
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Response: Thoughts On A Sunday
at Weekend Pundit on Sun, November 2, 2008 at 07:16PM
Did you remember to turn your clock back 1 hour last night? I know BeezleBub is happy we're back on Standard Time, because he dislikes having to get up and go to school when it's still dark out. But...Reader Comments (3)
50. Fannie Mae- what about Freddie Mac? He wrote a letter asking that Freddie Mac be fixed. It is one after another.

49. Like McCain and the Keatings?

48. That washed-up terrorist? Why is he not locked up in Cuba’s bay?

47. Jeremiah Wright was also a marine.

46. Oh, God. Obama, Obama. You talk too much.

45. Wasn’t it a Republican who first said that one day in politics is like a year in the real world?

44. Is anything wrong with that? As if you will not rejoice over it.

43. I thought you guys insisted he must quit his church.

42. “I want the truth.” “You cannot handle the truth.”

41. Why is that impossible? What about 95% of 60% of those who pay taxes? I know. You head hurts already.

40. And McCain let that pass? How could McCain do such a horrible thing?

39. And McCain let that pass? How could McCain do such a horrible thing?

38. In that case, don’t vote for Obama. Vote for Biden.

37. I thought he supports charter schools? He opposed sending out few students from public school in the name of vouchers. Why don’t we close all public schools then and send everyone to private school using taxpayers’ money? Will you support that or is it another wealth distribution plan?

36. Damn! That boy is something.

35. Again? He did that twice?

34. What? That is why we should have stopped that boy. Oh, well. I say, next time we do that. But let us get over Tuesday and the swearing in, and the first four years, and the second four years and we shall all put our feet down and stop that boy.

33. Of course. It is the plight of all those who were unfortunate not to be born by American parents… those who lived abroad…. Those who went to mixed schools and had the audacity to know people who are not simply from Iowa and other real America. Now you know.

32. When will Republicans see a regulation they liked? After another disaster?

31. And what does your wife believe in? And you married her?

30. Tax. Tax. Tax. Pay your tax and shut up.

29. And so does Bush. Ever heard of banks bailouts?

28. Anyone who is not a politician will tell you it is true -even people in small towns.

27. That is a new definition of abortion. Don’t you have any shame? Or do you mean it is the same as the killing of 100,000 Iraqis? Is that what you mean? Abortion by bombs?

26. Will that end the world? Won’t voters have a chance to stop them 4 years from now?

25. Someone needs to reverse the spread of wealth upwards done by Republicans since they started the voodoo-trickle-down economics.

24. For the first time in decades, it was the Democrats who had the money. I know. It pisses you off. Sorry.

23. Damn those polls.

22. Hello, Ohio voters? Your jobs are gone and Republicans like it like that.

21. Georgia had no alternative. Their butt was kicked as they should have known.

20. What has the alternative done for America, lately?

19. So that is why McCain is losing Hispanic votes? Get a life.

18. And what percentage support Bush?

17. OK. Does that disqualify someone for the presidency?

16. How many has McCain held in the last one month? None. He does not need Obama to hold town hall meetings. In fact, he can continue to do so after Tuesday. Maybe I will come to one and show him how to use the computer.

15. If you want war, there are many countries big or small that you can pick on. Even Canada is a threat to you if you want to feel that way.

14. Iraq will eventually be partitioned. It may be in 2011 but it will happen.

13. That is politics of unity. Did you notice that Palin supported both teams with the same phrases? She couldn’t come up with a new vocabulary.

12. So? And he won, didn’t he? Accept it. The guy is smart.

11. What executive experience does McCain have? He was last in his military class.

10. He defeated Hilary Clinton.

9. Imagine old man McCain standing with these young leaders on a world stage? Americans will be embarrassed by that picture. He will be scolding those young people like a grandpa.

8. All presidents are tested. You forgot that Biden said Obama will prove his mantle when tested.

7. I didn’t hear this when he debated McCain. He said he will support ban on late-term abortion if it makes provisions for the health of a woman. McCain said there is nothing like “health of a woman”. That is, if a woman had to die, let her die as long as a baby is not aborted.

6. What are you talking about? You don’t even understand his call for service. What then do you get?

5. Here you are comparing apples and oranges. The economy is in tatters and Gramm is peeing on us all because he is rich and does not feel a thing.

4. What anyone decides to give to charity is their choice. Individual situations are different. Don’t judge others by your own standard or you go insane.

3. Get a life. If McCain wants to send email, he does not need both hands or ten fingers. Stop making excuses for the old gizzard.

2. McCain voted with Bush and Cheney 92% of the time. Which one is more dangerous?

1. What about McCain who actually supported the war that killed over 4,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands Iraqis? Is that good judgment?

Sun, November 2, 2008 at 03:24AM | Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo
Oh bow down to Obama "The One"

The deaf, dumb, & blind left keep spewing the vomit of Obama upon us.

Wake up America and do some research on the man you nothing about. You are on the verge of being buried by this unknown.

Sun, November 2, 2008 at 09:13AM | Pro American
Don't let the MSM, Hollywood and foreign donors buy our White House. Vote McCain/Palin!

Sun, November 2, 2008 at 09:13AM | Florida For McCain 

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